Michael Vick a Patriot?

michael_vickUmm hell yeah I would love to have Michael Vick in New England.  Just imagine the awesomeness with Vick as your backup to Tom Brady!  Plus throw in Vick on some downs to run the infamous Wildcat offense would be sweet.  New England already has a killer squad but I think it would be rather complete with Vick.  Plus what trouble can he get into in New England?  Just ask Randy Moss or Corey Dillon! I just am salivating all over my keyboard just at the sound of a Vick to Moss TD connection.  Michael would be welcomed with open arms in New England aka NFL Rehab!  All you doubters in the NFL will learn quickly that Vick can still play.  I definitely see him picking right up where he left off if given the opportunity to play.  You know with the genius and mastermind that is known as Bill Belichick will find a great place for him in his offense.

Now I have been reading all sorts of people’s opinions on this matter.  Some people are saying that New England doesn’t need Vick.  My response to that is are you on f*cking crack?  If you are then you are smoking the top of the line sh*t!  I am sorry but I’d rather have Vick as a backup than Kevin O’Connell.  And how many games has Kevin started at the QB position?  Go ahead I’ll give you some time to google it.  You find the answer?  Yup you got it right ZERO games.  I believe he came in for two games last season.  Now I don’t mean to knock the guy because he is in the NFL.  But you cannot say that Kevin is a better option at backup then Vick.  The next critique of Vick is that he can’t throw.  Umm excuse me if you can name the receivers he was throwing to then you deserve a prize.  Matt Cassel was able to make a name for himself with all the shiny toys he had at the receiver spot.  Vick could have a noodle for an arm and still be able to dump pass it to Welker.  But the truth of the matter is the guy has a cannon.  A cannon that could definitely hit a Joey Galloway, Greg Lewis, or a little someone named Randy Moss on a deep route.  My last argument is that Vick is a medium risk high reward.  If you think about it he won’t be able to play until week 6.  Just think about all the time he can spend working on his game and learning the offense.  I am sorry but having Michael Vick as your backup QB at a bargain price sounds mighty fine to me.  So stop hating and hope that he is able to join our team and bring us back to the Super Bowl!!patpatriot

2 thoughts on “Michael Vick a Patriot?

  1. Michael Vick did a horrible thing, but he did his time (per our justice system), so I say “Welcome aboard”. Once the NFL gets its crap together and treats all offenders the same the game will be held to higher standards. Until then we really can’t judge.

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