MBTC Tackles Gun Control

Now I normally don’t tackle serious issues like these but I figured I have to give the fans what they want.

Blue from Cali writes: What are your thoughts on gun control and people’s right to defend themselves?

Well Blue, I thank you for being a great fan of the blog.  As a law abiding citizen that has never shot a gun or anything like that, I feel that individuals should be able to bear arms.  However, I think that there needs to be some regulations as to how the arms are obtained.  I feel that the concealed arms permit is definitely a step to help regulate who can and can’t receive a firearm.  But I think that the certification and testing process should be more challenging.  Maybe obtaining a firearms permit should entail training from local law enforcement.  Training like this could include when using your firearm is considered self defense vs. homicide.  It could also include areas to shoot individuals to disarm them rather than kill them.  Hell I even say take it a step further and simulate the pain one can experience by being shot.  Almost have that scared straight approach to it.  The reason I say that the certification process should be tougher is to prevent obtaining a firearm from being so simple.  I understand the right for people to bear arms but the part I don’t agree with people abusing the right. I truly believe that an issue arises from someone abusing a privilege.  If a person would like to bear arms, I can understand that.  But what I have a tough time understanding is the need to bear assault rifles? machine guns? It is the right to bear arms not an army!  But back to my point of people abusing a privilege.  You are leaving the definition of “self defense” up to the interpretation of the individual.  This is what scares me about gun possession.  Do I feel that you should have the right to defend yourself?  Absolutely.  However defending yourself shouldn’t immediately lead to pulling out your gun.  I will leave you with this video that a friend/co-worker showed me.  I believe in the message he delivers is a valuable one and it makes you think about gun control.  I agree with most of what he has to say.


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