Hypercolor T-shirts

Your Shirt Is So Cool!!  Just Imagine How Cooler It Be On My Floor!

Your Shirt Is So Cool!! Just Imagine How Much Cooler It Be On My Floor!

Alright dig deep into the memory bank for this one.  But how many of you remember hypercolor t-shirts?  I certainly do.  If you do not remember these shirts (Sara) let me break it down for you.  These shirts were like mood rings you can wear.  The shirt itself would change colors with body heat.  I remember that a ton of people would be constantly showing them off by breathing on them all the time.  It was also a good way to cop a feel on the ladies wearing theirs.  Now of course these shirts were popular before women hit their boob growing stage but it still worked for those early blossomers.  If I am not mistaken they made shorts as well so young boys could smack the booty and leave their handprint.  Growing up, I did not have one of these shirts.  But I often would see other kids with them and get insanely jealous.  However looking back on things, I don’t know why I was a little bitch about not getting one.  Especially since the novelty would wear out quickly and when it does you were pretty much stuck with a shirt that looked like it been attacked by bleach.  Ahh those were the days.

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5 thoughts on “Hypercolor T-shirts

  1. Ahh…yes. These shirts were great! Mine was purple and the “hot spots” turned pink. Now that I think about it, guys were pretty touchy feely on the shirt…lol!

  2. Hey.. Yeah we had em.. Omg.. I would go into the bathroom and use the blow dryer to change the color from purple to pink!!

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