MBTC Presents Do You Remember?

As I reviewed all the lovely ideas that I bribed you to present, I thought I would start up a new segment.  The new segment will ask the burning question of Do You Remember…..?    Hopefully this will jar up some old memories of your past.  In the first edition of Do You Remember.. we have the most legendary game of our time.  What game could that possibly be?  Well I am glad you asked.  I speak of the classic game called Oregon Trail.  I can definitely see you having flashbacks of playing this sweet ass game.


"Are We There Yet"

For those that live in the dark ages or need some more memory jogging, Oregon Trail is a game in which you are early settlers trying to move out west for a better life.  I am not going to get in to the history behind the Oregon Trail but if you want to know more then use wiki the Oregon Trail.  The game starts out by choosing your profession.  Your choices were based on skill level.  If you sucked at Oregon Trail then banker (Easy level) was your option.  The banker had money obviously and would allow you to buy more goods.  The next choice was the carpenter (Medium).  Finally, we had the farmer (Hard).  After you chose your profession, you had to start naming the members of your family.  Now as immature students playing this, you often got a little silly with the name choosing.  Which now that I think about it, with some of today’s children names not much has changed over the years!  Anyways after your family is created, you must visit the store and buy some supplies before you start your voyage.  Obviously the key essentials would be a wagon, ox, and food.  Once complete you start on the ultimate road trip.  An adventure filled with hunting, disease and sex.  Yes that is right you manage to rock the wagon a few times to have some children!  I remember being a huge fan of hunting.  I use to kill all sorts.  You had deer, buffalo, rabbits, and more.  The smaller the creature the tougher the kill because they were so freakishly fast.  For the time, the hunting scenes had crazy graphics.  I also remember being able to pitch up hitchhikers and they would always steal from you.  The biggest pain in the ass would be when your wagon would break and you had to buy spare parts.  Also when the oxen died got quite expensive as well.  The game had its sad moments as well.  Especially when your family members would pass away due to Cholera, Dysentery, or something else.  Burying a family member was very depressing.  However you could put stuff to remember them by on their tombstone.  Man did this game have it all.

I spent countless hours on the computer at school playing this game.  Hell I can see the big ass floppy disk in my head right now.  Who knew that by playing this game you were learning some basic life skills?  Why isn’t learning this fun for kids today?  Man I just sounded really old.  If you look hard enough you may be able to download the old school version of this game!  Anyways please share your fond Oregon Trail memories! Leave some comment love!

9 thoughts on “MBTC Presents Do You Remember?

  1. Hell yeah I remember this game, I might be writing a persuasive speech on how this is the greatest game ever made. You forgot one key element of the game though–river crossings. Always met with that question, “Do you attempt to ford the stream?” you inevitably chose “yes” only to watch all of the shit in your wagon be swept away by said river. I also love mention of buying supplies, I mean we all know you stock up on bullets because hunting is where it is at….great post.

  2. Great game!! This was the best thing to do during computer time in school along with Number Munchers. I GUARANTEE you I can find an old school copy of this.

  3. I’m pretty sure the Tallahassee Trail is called I-10…I wonder what the top speed of my covered wagon would be on that trail. Big ups to the number munchers reference, the last time learning was really all that fun.

    • Yes it was. I was actually going to do a blog post on that. But I guess that will be put on hold. Thanks Bree!

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