iPhone Complaints

new_iphoneThe iPhone has become one of the most popular cellular phone devices in the world.  I think it can only get better as the technology advances.  No device is perfect and I know the iPhone is about the closest you can get.  But I still have my gripes about the iphone.  I know that some of the complaints I have is not solely Apple’s fault.  Believe me that AT&T may shoulder some of the blame as well.  But I want to share with my readers some of the things about my iPhone that I wish someone would fix.  Please leave any comments if you feel that you disagree with any of my complaints.

Drop Calls: I don’t know about anybody else out there but I have been experiencing a ton of dropped calls.  There is nothing worse than being on a really good call and it gets dropped out of the blue.  I can understand that is going to happen every once in a while.  Boy was I wrong.  It seems to happen at least 3 or 4 times a week.  I do not know if this is a hardware issue or a network problem.  However, I wish someone would step up and identify what the exact problem is.  When I was with Verizon Wireless, I may have had 3 or 4 dropped calls in 2-3 months.  Somebody has to have answers and I demand to hear them.

No Insurance: Whoa what? That was the response I had when I found out that they did not offer insurance for these phones.  Then I thought well I am out of luck if I break it.  Then I thought to myself, how could I ever break it.  I have a cover for it and it will be safe with it on.  Wrong!  I managed to scratch the hell out of the front of it.  Since we all know that when this happens you are pretty much screwed.  And the limited warranty is doing the thrusting!!

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS):  Well we all know who the guilty party is regarding this missing feature.  Yes you guessed correctly this is all AT&T’s sh*tty network’s fault.  But you cannot put all the blame on AT&T.  Why didn’t Apple flex their muscle to make sure that AT&T had their network setup for MMS on the iPhone.  But if you think about it, you can send pictures or videos on other phones on AT&T’s network.  So why can’t you on the iPhone?  Hmm makes you think doesn’t it?

Charging Cord:  Have you ever had the need to charge your phone and rest it on somewhere other than the ground?  But you have to because the cord is too short!  I just don’t understand why they would make the cord to charge your phone so frigging short!  Unless your outlet is near a dresser,table, chair or something, you are out of luck!  Would it hurt to make the cord at least a foot longer?

Battery Life:  I find it very comical that 7 times out of 10 that when people are sitting around they are charging their phone.  I know that I am definitely one of those 7 people.  I know that using the iPhone’s great applications, surfing the net, or watching movies can cause a drain on the battery.  But you have to figure that they can put in an extra strength battery to prevent you from having to charge like every 30 minutes.  I don’t think that is too much to ask?  Do you?

I am sure that I may have missed some complaints.  But all in all I love this phone.  If they were able to work through some of these complaints, I think nobody would be able to touch it.  I have a feeling that Apple will get it right with the second release of the 3gs.  At least I hope they do because I will end up buying the second release. 

Share your complaints about the iphone by leaving a comment!

3 thoughts on “iPhone Complaints

  1. I have always been a fan of apple products but my recent purchase of the iPhone has led me to believe that there is such a thing as over-thinking technology. It has come to my attention that the iPhone is not 100% silent when you turn the “Silent” switch on. If you have an alarm set, that alarm will go off even in silent mode. First of all, if you have a switch that is suppost to turn your phone silent, it should work. Its extremely inconvienent if you are in class or a meeting for their phone to go off. With million of things an iPhone can do, this is a very basic function that should be executable.
    To compensate for this lack in basic feature, I tried setting an alarm through the Calendar function as an event. But once again, the calendar lacks the basic ability to change the sound and duration of the notification for an event. So if you do want the alarm to go off, its a tiny little “blip” noise that doesn’t do too much for notifying you.
    I find this all very ironic since there is an application for just about everything and the iPhone is suppost to “enable” the user in just aboute every possible way.

    • 1Eleven thanks for stopping by the blog first and foremost. I am in full agreement that the folks at Apple sometimes over think things. But I know for sure that I will take over thinking something rather than under thinking (if you will) like the people at Microsoft tend to do. I am certainly a huge fan of Apple products ever since I got their macbook pro.

      Please come visit again and tell your friends!


      -Man Behind The Clouds

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