The Great Debate II: Tampon vs. The Pad

Now I am going to say right off the bat that I am not a professional about the following subject.  However, I am going to debate this subject from a man’s perspective.  I can’t believe I am about to talk about this but my boy Blue from Cali suggested this topic.  I thought that it would be very funny to talk about this.  Even though I am deeply disgusted by this whole syndrome anyways.

tamponWell without further delay let the debate begin.  As I mentioned earlier the sight and thought about both of these feminine products just give me the willies.  I am sorry but it just grosses me out.  But anyways, I am here to debate between the two.  The first feminine product to discuss will be the tampon.  As a man that happens to see these in ladies purse, I feel that this tends to be more of the popular choice.  Perhaps it is popular due to the fact that when inserted it doesn’t feel like it is there after a while.  Personally, I would find it very awkward to have something shoved up in me with a string hanging out.  Geesh I cannot believe I am going to continue this conversation.    I must press on.  Now I would assume that the only tough part about using the tampon would be removing it.  But how could that be a pain? Just the concept of pulling on a string just sounds like a lot of fun.  It reminds me of pulling those strings that made stuff animals talk. Man, I am cracking myself up just typing this junk.  Anyways, I digress.  Tampons seem to always incorporate the latest in feminine product technology.  Yes I admit that I have been exposed to tampon commercials on tv.  I mean you have all these different applicators, aero dynamic shapes, and colors.  But I have no clue on what these features mean.  I just hear keywords on the commercials.  To me it seems like tampons are on the forefront of all feminine products.

maxi padThe rival of the tampon happens to be the maxi pad.  Now there isn’t really much I can say in the maxi pad’s defense.  I mean it is like wearing a friggin diaper!  Is it not?  I just don’t understand why women would wear these things.  Basically you just bleed onto a pad instead of your underwear.  That sounds like more of a diaper than a feminine product.  Ladies out there if you wear the pad please let me know your side of the story!  I am ignorant to the subject and would like a woman’s perspective.  However, I do like to see the tests that they do in the commercials to demonstrate how one pad absorbs more than the other.  Because what I do know is that women can have a light or a heavy flow.  Another thing I know maxi pad made having wings cooler way before Red Bull did!  Take that Mr. Energy Drink!

But the debate is over.  I truly believe that tampons are the winner!  Unless someone can argue on behalf of the pad!  I just can’t wait to hear the comments about this one.  Ladies this is your chance to educate the men out there!

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5 thoughts on “The Great Debate II: Tampon vs. The Pad

  1. Wow! I am just shocked that nobody has anything to say about this great debate! I am even more shocked that not one single woman out there has an opinon on the matter!

    Speak up men and women!!

  2. this is mrs. blue and i am commenting on behalf of blue and my self. tampons are a lot easier to manage and you are not sitting in a pool of blood all day… yuk.. not to mention the smell it makes after wearing a bloody pad all day. nasty.. a tampon is hidden nicely and you can go swimming with a tampon.. just not in the ocean… or you might attract something much more than a fishy smell.. tampons you can flush down the toilet and pads you have to throw away in a trash can. just think of what the womens restroom would smell like if everyone wore pads.

    • hello there mrs. blue! thank you for stepping up to the plate and commenting on this important topic. since I do not have any personal experience with this subject, I’ll take your word for it. I can only imagine if Mr. Nahaku had to talk to his little girl about this subject. man oh man i am on the verge of pissing my pants just thinking about it. thanks for your support! please feel free to comment anytime. tell that good for nothing husband of yours i said hello!

      p.s. it was very nice to meet you by the way. i hope it wasn’t too awkward meeting your husband’s xbox buddy!

  3. Tampons are soo much easier. I say GO TAMPONS! They are less stressful in public restrooms, less stinky (a nasty, bloody pad eww), and less uncomfortable (again, feeling it squishing around as you sit in class and worrying if it will leak? no no no). However, it is recommended to switch to pads when the flow gets lighter, and during sleep, which is what I do. I don’t have a problem with that.

    • haha too funny kiara. hey how did you find my blog? i would like to thank you for commenting and ask that you tell your friends!! with your inspiration i will write more articles!

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