Dania Mania

The next celebrity crush that I bring to you is super sexy.  I mean just all around attractive.  From head to toe.  I introduce to you the lovely Dania Ramirez.  I first saw the beautiful Dania in the movie Fat Albert.  Yes you heard correctly, I must of watched that movie several times.  It is a decent movie.  How Fat Albert scores Dania’s character in this movie is beyond me.  But anyways, I read somewhere that Dania almost didn’t get the part because she was too sexy for a kids film.  Imagine that.  I don’t know about most kids, but I know this kid would’ve seen it just for her.  She also appeared in season 3 of Heroes.  For those that follow this great show will recognize her as the character “Maya”.  Maya had the ability to inflict disease on to people that would cause bleeding from their eyes.  If you follow the show then you know that Mohinder was one lucky s.o.b. for getting to bang her!  That love scene was pretty steamy for prime time tv.  But anyways you can definitely check out more pictures of Dania on her cool website www.officialdaniaramirez.com.

dania 1

Dania Wants You To Visit ManBehindTheClouds.com More Often!!

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