Weight Loss Challenge

Man_on_ScaleListen up all you Man Behind The Clouds readers out there.  I am officially declaring a weight loss challenge.  I have grown tired of this stomach that I am carrying around.  It is time to start taking action.  Too many days and nights have gone by without any effort to exercise.  I have tried time and time again to lose this weight and keep it off.  But I have to start now or else suffer severe health catastrophes down the road.  Now I am going to make an effort to eat better and exercise often.  However, I am going to need my readers help.  How am I going to need your help you ask?  Well I am going to definitely need a support structure.  I believe with the support of my fans, I think I can try to lose weight.

Here is the plan.  I plan on working out at least 3 times a week.  In order to lose weight, I will have to make an effort to limit myself to cardiovascular exercise.  I want to keep this going until the end of the year!  My goal is to weigh between 225-230!  I am currently at 267!  If anybody else wants to join in and perhaps put some money on who can lose the most weight then please let me know.  We can determine the rules and terms later if anybody is interested.

So I am thinking that every two weeks, I will provide my readers an update on how much I weigh.  As mentioned before, I cannot do this alone and will need the encouragement of my readers. Also if you know of any basketball leagues going on or pickup games please let me know.  With your help, I think I can shed the weight and start to gain more confidence in my appearance.

The challenge will come into effect on July 13th, 2009.  The first update will happen on July 31st!  Wish me luck!

13 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge

  1. A word of advice: Do NOT focus entirely on cardiovascular exercise. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn doing the same activities. So do your cardio, but also if you want to improve muscle mass AND burn more calories, add in some circuit training. For example, I do a chest and shoulders day where I spend no more than 45 minutes doing the circuit. If you go quickly between the sets and exercises, no longer than 30 secs in between, than you’ll get your heart rate up to beneficial cardio levels AND you’ll be improving muscles. No need to do crazy amounts of weight on these either because building tone and shedding fat is the goal. Hope that helps, good luck with the challenge.

    • See this is exactly why I need help. If not for Rob, I would’ve started this challenge on the wrong foot! Thanks Rob. I will try to mix in a steady routine of cardio and circuit training.

      • I’ve actually been wanting to get on a more regular program myself. If you want, I could set up a workout schedule/routine for both of us to do. We can post the results (weight/times completed) at the end of each day on our blogs under a similar subject group so the other can keep us accountable. Not quite getting someone else to directly work out with you, but it may help with motivation. What do you think?

      • I’d be willing to try it and see if we can keep up with it for a couple of weeks. I just know that there will be a time or two where I’ll slip up and forget to post my efforts. But I am willing to give it a shot!

      • Cool, well I’m about to head out to do my first workout for getting back in the swing of things. I’ll post what I did when I return and we can work on putting a program together.

  2. Good luck Honey!! I’m kinda on the same boat as you. Things are always easier when you have someone to do them with, and harder when you have people around to sabotage you..lol..but sometimes you’re better off getting it done on your own to just focus on yourself. Are you planning on going to a gym?

    • I appreciate the support. You are absolutely right that it is easier to have the support of your friends. I do not plan on joining a gym. I have a mini one in my garage. So I have no excuse.

      I wish I could personalize this but I see that you want to remain anonymous. If you want to step out into the light then by all means. If not then I respect your identity!

  3. How is your pool? I’ll come over and swim with you. I have to drop 15 lbs, so I would love to get together and workout.

    • My pool is clean. My sister and cousins were in it yesterday. They didn’t wake up withi extra limbs or anything. So I guess it is ok!

  4. Hey!! It was me that left the Anonymous comment, I forgot my name on both. You can feel free to delete my second one on the other blog. Great that you got a lil mini gym, that way you’re not spending extra $$ on a memebership, and you never have to wait for a machine. =)

    • Hello Tracey and welcome to the Man Behind the Clouds!! I appreciate the support and will be posting updates periodically! Words of encouragement always are appreciated. Tell your friends about my blog!

  5. You can dooooo it!!! 🙂 You could set a goal to get in shape for something crazy like a half or whole marathon…doing it for the sake of helping to lower risk of a heart attack, paralyzing stroke, diabetes, etc., should probably be enough motive (ahh, good ol’ scare tactics sometimes help..) but sometimes that motivation can lose out to a delicious looking oreo ice cream sandwich, for example! Goodluck! 🙂

    • Man I am certainly pumped up to start working out today. Thanks Nicole. Stay tuned for more to come!! Remember tell your friends about my blog!

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