Hello and welcome to another edition of celebrity women I love.  The next woman doesn’t need any introduction. However, I will go ahead and provide one anyways.  You may have seen her in movies such as X-men 1-3, Swordfish, Die Another Day, The Program, Boomerang, and over and over again in Monsters Ball.  It brings me great pleasure to introduce to you the lovely Halle Berry.

I just am amazed that she is 42 or 43.  She definitely is one of my favorite celebrity women.  We all have been dying to see the goods of Halle Berry.  Well she definitely showed the world in Swordfish and definitely in Monsters Ball.  As a matter of fact I believe she won an Oscar for her role in Monsters Ball.  Hey for that sex scene she did, I would have given her all kinds of awards.

Check out Halle Berry’s movie credits at IMDB

Can You Make Me Feel Good?

Can You Make Me Feel Good?

One thought on “Halle-ujah

  1. Halle Berry is an amazingly beautiful woman who doesn’t seem to age at all. Her performance in Monster’s Ball made me feel good (wink wink)… and not just because her character and I shared a name.

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