Celebrity Women I Love

Now please let me take this moment to apologize ahead of time to my girlfriend.  But I know she understands that we all have people that we just drool over.  With that being said, I would like to initiate a segment in which I blog about my favorite celebrity women.

The first celebrity woman that I simply go nuts for is Rosario Dawson.  My goodness this woman has it all.  She has a phenomenal smile, a beautiful face, great body, and she seems like she has a great personality.  I just go completely crazy anytime I see her in a film.  To be honest how could you not. Dawson in my opinion is a very talented actress and can play many parts (hehe insert dirty joke here).  Rosario has been in movies such as: Sin City, Men In Black 2, He Got Game, Alexander, Seven Pounds, and more.  To see her all of her movie credits visit IMDb.

Click On Image For More Picture of

Click On Rosario For More Pictures!!

Coming soon on the next edition of Celebrity Women I Love… Halle Berry


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