Glass Balcony

I was perusing Yahoo! looking for some sort of inspiration or idea to post about.  I didn’t have to look very far as the homepage had this article right in my face. Yahoo has an article about an all glass balcony that was recently built.  At first, I am thinking how cool when I saw the picture on the homepage.  So it caught my attention and now I wanted to read about it and see more pictures.  Well the article was interesting but the friggin slide show made me gasp for air.  As a person that is rather fearful of heights, I can only imagine other people just hyperventilating when they stand on this balcony.  But I was horrified by the pictures in the slideshow.

APTOPIX Sears Tower Ledge Oh yes your eyes do not deceive you nor is this a photoshopped image.  This is the glass balcony that is 1,353 feet high.  I will let you take a moment to pick your jaw up the ground.  So apparently the citizens of Chicago thought it was ok to have children stand on this thing.  I am sorry but if I  was a parent, I would not let my kids go anywhere near this.  They should make this like a ride at Disney or Universal Studios.  You have to be a certain height.  I am sure that the glass supports it but one of these days we are going to hear another news story on Yahoo where someone had plummeted off the balcony due to a crack or something crazy. Hey maybe it is my fear of heights talking but just take a look at the rest of these pictures and tell me you do not see anything wrong with it??

girls looking down balconySears Tower Ledge

9 thoughts on “Glass Balcony

  1. These pictures make me very nervous!! If I was a parent…there is no way I would allow my child on this field trip!! Maybe its a Northern thing?! 🙂

  2. I live in Chicago and I have been to the Sears Tower once in my life lol. This doesn’t make me want to go back. I. would. die.

    • I am not going to lie that I wouldn’t mind seeing it but I wouldn’t be laying down on the glass or any craziness like that…

    • Yeah I am very familiar with Ghost Bar. I haven’t been to it but know of it. But how many children hang out on the Ghost Bar?

  3. WTF?? This is absolutely crazy! You dont spend nine months growing a child inside you and go through all the trouble giving birth, then someday drive them to the Sears Tower and push them out onto one of these glass death boxes. No way would I ever be ok with one of my children out there. The parents of these kids are just as bad as the ones who keep pythons in the house with their toddlers. These balconies are an interesting architectural concept, but place children on them and call the press to take pictures… they are just asking for a terrorist attack or something. Or it will be incorporated into some new superhero movie where all the people in the overcrowded “Ledge” have to be rescued or they will all die. Sometimes you wonder what people were thinking!!??

  4. that is petrifying. i don’t see how that can be safe, no matter how many einstein engineers had a meeting of the minds to plan/build it together.

  5. I love the way it provides a 360 view including the real height. FYI -they actual retract into the building so that the window washers can clean the outside of the glass. What a great thrill without the wind. Better adrenaline rush than any roller coaster. I’d like to get in with cube with cloud man and jump up and down.

    • i don’t see the cloud man getting in that cube with anybody. you have a better chance of stephen feeling comfortable on a plane or elevator. thanks for stopping by mah!

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