Favorite Sexual Position

I think with a header like this, I can’t help but to attract your attention.  But hey we are all adults here!  And since we are all adults , I’d like to open up the floor for a discussion about favorite sexual positions.  Since I do not want to get in serious trouble by providing nude pictures of various sexual positions, I thought it would be best to break out the sex models.  Please let me introduce you to the cast… I give you Richard and Gina Sexton.

Just take it easy on me Richard. Last time you gave me a splinter!!

Just take it easy on me Richard. Last time you gave me a splinter!!

Richard and Gina will show us how it is done.  And as always, I will provide commentary on why this position is popular with all the lovers out there.  So it looks like our lovely couple is ready to kick off the first position.

Position 1: Missionary With Ladies Legs Up
sexualpositions_missionary_legs in ari This position is very common amongst couples.  With the woman resting on her back, she places her legs either straight up in the air, wrapped around the neck, or resting on her male counterpart’s shoulders.  Guys with foot fetishes enjoy this position because it allows them to play with their woman’s toes.  Sorry but there are some people out there that like them some feet.  It isn’t exactly my cup of tea but hey its all good.  Some smooth operators usually like to place a thick pillow under back for elevation.  This slick tactic is for the lady’s benefit.  Some couples like this position because they can maintain constant eye contact.  Although sometimes that isn’t the best thing.  Especially if you are nailing a butterface.

Position 2: Just Spooning

sexualpositions_man_woman spoonDoes your lady complain about not holding her after sex?  Well here is a great position for you to use.  With this position after you have done the good deed, you don’t have to move a muscle.  You just exit and continue to embrace your lover.  She will feel so loved.  This position is one that isn’t used that often.  Some women do not like it for a couple of reasons.  The first is because women feel that it is disrespectful to not look face to face with their partner.  The last thing you want your girl to feel like is a street walker that you met on the corner of Orange Blossom Trail.  Another reason women don’t like it is because you have some sneaky guys out there that try to pull the ol wrong hole trick.  Hey if your lady is into that then you have hit the jackpot.  This position isn’t too popular.  But if performed right it can be exciting.

sexualpositions_cow girlPosition 3: Giddy Up Cowgirl

C’mon and step right up to the mechanical bull.  Some ladies like to hop on and enjoy the rodeo.  This position certainly satisfies that urge.  Now please keep in mind that this position also has a variation in which your partner faces away from you.  The cowgirl position is often utilized by dominating women or guys that want to take a break from doing the work.  From what I have read, ladies also like this position because it stimulates the love zone.  But I think it just reminds them of hopping on those big bouncy balls when they were a kid.  I find this position to be entertaining because you can watch her boobs bounce like a person dribbling two basketballs.  Yes that is right,  I said it.  I don’t know about you but I will not argue when the lady wants to go for a ride.  You should always encourage people to ride the love roller coaster!

Position 4:  Canine Coitus

sexualpositions_doggieWho knew as humans that we would be taking a page from the playbook of our canine friends.  This position happens to be one of the popular ones.  Women either really hate this position or can’t get enough of it.  It takes a special kind of female to love this position.  Like the spoon position, ladies hate it because they feel like a working girl.  But most women overlook this feeling because of all the potential pleasure this position can bring.  Women who like it ruff… I mean rough find this style to be perfect.  The male (with the ladies permission) has access to so many things.  If she likes to be dominated, you can pull her hair or smack her ass.  If that isn’t in the script you can always grab her by the shoulders aka the handlebars.  The only warning I’d give is make sure that your bed is stationary or that you remove the headboard.

Position 5: Criss Cross

sexualpositions_criss crossWords cannot even describe how challenging this next position is.  However if you think you have reached Ron Jeremy or John Holmes status then by all means give it a shot.  Just looking at Richard and Gina demonstrate this position just amazes me.  I mean it looks like a Auntie Anne’s pretzel.  You really have to get the right angle in order to make this work.  But I don’t want it to look like I am playing Twister. For some strange reason I am starting to cramp up just looking at Richard and Gina.  I also have that stupid Cha Cha song in my head.  Criss Cross… Criss Cross.. everybody clap your hands…

Well I think my work here is done.  Please make sure you vote for your favorite position.  I am curious to find out which one is the winner.

8 thoughts on “Favorite Sexual Position

  1. I love doggy style! it allows for deep penetration and the girl has access to play w/ herself. it ensures that both participants get a hard orgasm

  2. I have found that Jeff likes the squat style. Similar to rodeo, but the girl plants both feet on the bed (or other surface) and does squats. The plus to this one is you can skip the gym. Also if you don’t mind spending the cash the “wedge” is a great thing to own and makes sex REALLY enjoybale. Now I can’t wait for Jeff to come home! Thanks Weathers for another great blog. 🙂
    I would like the guys to sound off about things that us girls can do that would make your heads spin. Maybe playing with your balls during a bj or a special move that you might be a little shy to ask your lady to try out.

    • actually i did.. i am quite the whittler.. you should see what i can do with a bar of soap…

  3. I agree with the squating movement… my guy will grab me from underneath my ass and help with lifting me higher. PLus i love watching his facial expressions… makes me want to go until i cant feel my legs anymore 😉 I also like to fondle him anytime im on top for extra pleasure. Also like missionary with him pushing on the backs of my knees… better penetration and we both love watching him go in and out of me while i play with myself

  4. Hi! I would like to know where I can get those dolls from?! I have been searching for some dolls just like the ones above for a project I am working on. I have been unable to find them! Thank you for your time!

    Kita Love

    • Kita,

      You should do a search on wooden manikins. I believe you will find what you are looking for. Hey thanks for visiting the page. Tell your friends!!

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