Quiet Science

Are you someone that happens to enjoy music?  Would you consider yourself to be a music lover?  Do you like finding bands with great music?  If you answered yes to most of these questions then have I got the band for you!  A good friend of mine happens to be the frontman for a kick ass band called Quiet Science.  I think the best way to describe their music is a melodic blend of indie rock and ambient music.  If these two genres were to have coitus, it would give birth to the great sounds of Quiet Science.  For those that have no idea what coitus is then I suggest you look it up.  I find Quiet Science to have the sounds of the Killers, Coldplay, with a hint of Duran Duran.  Call me crazy (you better not call me crazy) but it is just my opinion.

It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to the rockin’ band members…

Mark Nathan – Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar.
Robert Wesley – Bass.
Daisy Elisabeth – Synth, Piano, Organ, Bgv.
Charles Barrett – Drums.

If you would like to learn more about this sweet band then please visit them at www.quietsciencemusic.com.  On their website you have the chance to listen to their latest songs.  If you like what you hear than you can download their music on iTunes.  How awesome is that?  I don’t know about you but I think it is cool to know someone that is on iTunes.  If they come to your town for a show, I would highly recommend attending their show.

I give them


****Breaking News****

Quiet Science was scheduled to perform at a music festival in Illinois.  Upon arrival they were moved from the small stage to the big stage.  Hundreds of people within the stage’s distance flocked towards the big stage.  All these people were hypnotized by the sweet sounds they were hearing.  Reports even say that many people suffered from what is known simply as Eargasms.  As a result of their awesomeness on stage, it has been reported that Quiet Science is meeting with a record label.  So show some support and make sure you buy up all their good stuff on iTunes or visit their site at www.quietsciencemusic.com

4 thoughts on “Quiet Science

  1. and here come the groupies with their comments.. i knew it was only a matter of time before you two came out!!



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