Transformers 2

On Saturday, I had decided that I wanted to go see Transformers 2.  However, I was leery at first because of how other people were calling it a dud.  The critics even said it could’ve been the worst movie ever.  After hearing that I started to think that maybe I should go see the Proposal instead. Ha-ha just kidding.  However, I convinced myself that I should at least go and see it and formulate an opinion of my own.  As I sit there through the movie, I was asking myself what the hell was some people’s problems with the movie.  I am going to go on the record and say that I liked the second one.  I will even take it a step further and say that in some ways it was better than the first one.

Maybe if I hide behind this corner he won't be able to stare at my boobs!

Maybe if I hide behind this corner they won't be able to stare at my boobs!

So for all those people that didn’t like Transformers please just hear me out on this.  Here is a list of reasons why I did like it better than the first one…

  • Action Action Action: This movie had way more action sequences than the first one.  I can’t believe that for this reason alone people should’ve loved this movie.  The fight sequences in this movie was just bad ass.  I mean show me a movie that has robots fighting in various martial art styles!
  • More Characters: With the sequel comes the introduction of more characters.  In this case it is more robots.  I loved how this movie incorporated some more cool robots.  Also the cars that were in this movie were crazy. I especially liked the sport and sleek cars.
  • More Meagan Fox: I mean I do not have to explain myself any further.  Now please keep in mind that I find Fox to be very attractive.  However, I am not a huge fan.  But for those that are, I mean she is the single reason why you should’ve liked this movie.  Not only was she a hot ticket in this movie how about the fem-bot decepticon played by Isabel Lucas.  You can’t tell me that seeing all that scattered ass in the college sequences didn’t make you want to enroll in school again!
  • Rockin’ Music: I found myself even enjoying the music in this film.  The soundtrack definitely rivals the first.  I mean how can you beat Linkin Park, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Staind, Green Day and more!  That is a killer lineup if you ask me.
  • Low Expectations: Unlike the Hangover, I went into the movie with low expectations.  The movie was a ton better than I had expected it to.  I think they took the right elements and infused it into the sequel.  It is very rare for any sequel to compete with the first.  So as a viewer you should manage your expectation level.

optimus-prime Now here are some of the things I didn’t like about the movie..

  • Too long: Although the action scenes made you forget about how long the movie was.  There were definitely a few scenes that reminded you that this movie could’ve been cut by at least 25 minutes.
  • Robot Potty Humor: I think Michael Bay definitely pushed the limits on the PG-13 rating.  Normally I wouldn’t see a robot humping a human’s leg or a robot calling another robot a “pussy” offensive.  But I felt a little bit uncomfortable for all those parents that brought their kid to go see this movie.  I also thought that the twin robots acting like your stereotypical black guys was a bit much as well.  I mean if you are going to take it that far, you might as well thrown in scenes where they are eating fried chicken and drinking kool-aid.
  • Script: I thought that the plot, story, and dialogue was a lot better in the first one.  I found myself laughing at how bad some of the one-liners were in the second movie.  The story was told better in the first one.  Not that I didn’t like the story in the second one.  It to me was better crafted in the first.  But the second one made up for a weak script with more action sequences.

I think the reason why many people didn’t like this movie is because they thought this movie was going to be the king of all sequels.  Like a Dark Knight type sequel.  But I will break it down like this.  If you want to see a movie with great action sequences and special effects than go see this movie.  If you are looking for a solid plot or story line then don’t go see this movie.

I gave this movie…


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