Bring Vick Back!!

michael-vick-finds-godI sometimes don’t understand how this world operates.  We live in a time where people are doing drugs, killing other people, stealing, and a whole lot more!  But the thing that I don’t understand is why Michael Vick and his actions have caused so much media attention??  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone cruelty to animals.  But come on now all the journalists made it seem like he went on a killing spree!!!  I am sorry but since the beginning of time animals have always experienced their fair share of animal cruelty.  Think about it!  When early man needed food or clothing what did he do?  He would go and kill an animal!  Hell the same situation exists today.  I don’t mean to disgust you but think about what we eat today!  You think those animals are treated to a lavish animal hotel prior to being slaughtered?  Hell no!  Now let me put animals serving as food aside.  I am going to switch gears on you.  Dogfighting no matter how you slice it is considered a sport correct?  It may be an illegal one but I truly believe it is still a sport.  Let’s take a look at dog racing and horse racing.  What happens to those dogs or horses when they can’t race?  The owners end up killing or euthanizing them.  I ask how is that not a crime?  How is this not cruelty?  Why can’t that horse or dog just be taken out of racing and live a normal life?  Once again I do not agree with what Michael Vick did but why doesn’t he have the company of all the dog owners or horse owners that kill their animals?  I don’t understand how animal activists can focus on one man’s actions and excuse another’s.

87594802Regardless of what has happened in the past lets talk about why Michael Vick deserves to be reinstated to the NFL.  Here you have a man that has served his time.  Even if you disagree with what he did, you can’t argue the fact that the man went to prison and that justice was served.  You just can’t.  The thing that I have the toughest time swallowing is all these players both past and present that have been on trial for murder, using steroids, gambling illegally, doing drugs, drinking & driving, and more.  But they are getting off with just a slap on the wrist.  Yeah the league might suspend them for multiple games and then let back into the league.  Well the only argument I hear is that what Vick did was illegal.  Oh I am sorry and doing a line of cocaine or drinking & driving and killing somebody isn’t??  Which brings me to a perfect example.  Donte Stallworth, plays for the Cleveland Browns, is busted for DUI vehicular manslaughter.  He was drunk and killed a man that was crossing a street.  Maybe you didn’t hear me.  He KILLED A MAN that was crossing a street.  Recently he had received his punishment from the court and the league.  Are you ready for this? I hope you are sitting down!!  Stallworth is sentenced to serve 30 days in prison and has been suspended indefinitely from the NFL.  Oh you read right!  Thirty days for killing a man with his car.  But I guess that is comparable to the 2 years that Michael Vick was sentenced for dog fighting. Could I get anymore sarcastic?  I love dogs and all but that doesn’t compare to taking a human being’s life.  You hit a dog or a cat with your car people think nothing of it.  But if you hit and kill a human with your car you can bet your sweet ass you are going to jail.

michael_vickSo for all those Vick haters out there just stop and ask yourself this… “Has he served his time?”  I don’t care what he did.  The answer to that question is yes!  Give Vick another shot at rocking the NFL again.  Stop all this bullsh*t about he shouldn’t be allowed back in to the NFL.  Next time you think that he doesn’t deserve a second chance just stop and think about all the other athletes that have done far worse.  Also think about how people have been given second chances.  If you are reading this stop hating and let the man play!


6 thoughts on “Bring Vick Back!!

  1. You have so many flaws in the first part of this blog that I will have to call you to yell at you about them. I can agree that he did do his time and that the NFL should have a consistent policy for all players that break the law. I will be calling you about the other horrible things you wrote.

    • I am sorry that I have caused you anger. But I still believe that people now care more about the death and cruelty of animals then human beings. People also overlook the fact that these crimes against animals are being committed every day. If you really research the unknown truths about horse and dog racing you will find out the things they do to these animals. Plus keep in mind that it is perfectly ok to kill these animals. All I am saying is that Vick did commit a crime. The only difference is that he was punished for it and the people that continue to euthanize race animals don’t get punished at all. Where is the consistency in that? Killing is killing whether it is intentional or accidental. But at the root of the problem is that we have separate standards in this country. I will just leave it at that.

      I think I hit a nerve with this topic. But you can thank Jeff for that.

  2. I agree with Erin that the first part of the article is a big disturbing. I don’t agree that dogfighting is considered a sport. It’s considered a crime. I also don’t think there should be horse or dog racing. Eating is something people have to do…watching animals perform is not. That’s the difference there.

    Given that, I do believe in second chances. Once you do your time, you’re clear and given a second chance, fair enough. I see no reason why Vick should be suspended from the NFL as his crime was entirely unrelated to his profession. As far as the sentencing of others in the NFL, the bottom line is money. If a player’s good enough, people will look the other way regardless of what they did if they can generate money. Let’s say the worst player on the worst team in the NFL was put away for vehicular manslaughter. Once the sentencing was announced, no one would ever see or hear about that person again in the media and he would never be allowed back in the NFL. He just can’t generate enough money to make it all go away.

    • Hey if the truth frightens you my friend then I am sorry. I just love how people are quick to persecute an individual. We are all hypocrites, I have come to this conclusion. But that is just the problem that we have. When it comes to pets they are held to higher standards because of our emotional ties to them. But nobody complains when sport hunters go kill quail, deer, or whatever these people are hunting these days.

      But I am starting to understand how to get people to react. Controversy definitely makes people speak up. But that is what makes this country so great. Please do not think that anybody’s beliefs are right or wrong. I am just speaking out on how I feel on the subject!!

  3. weathersssssssss!!!! so i agree with all this jibba jabba you have. i think your argument could of been a curtailed a bit differently and as a whole, your blog would of been stronger. B+

    let vick play. people need to get off their moral high grounds and stop pretending to be so righteous. how am i gonna run the wild cat offense in Madden ’10 next year with chad pennington?… give me Vick and his 98 speed!

    anyhow, children are abused everyday, neglected, tossed aside in a dumpster after prom, etc etc, yet the guilty reaches a plea bargain or serves minimal time on good behavior, a far cry from the 2 years in a federal penitentiary Vick served. There is this inherent nature in people to stand up for the defenseless, be it animals or your own kin, but sometimes it gets misplaced and you get rallies outside a football stadium because pitbulls were offed…. yet no one sheds a tear for the mass that is dying in the congo, the sudan, uganda, from civil war, hunger, and poverty. or the chechnya rebels killing people and not to mention all of those put out by the war in the middle east. out of sight, out of mind.

    give me Vick and i’ll hot route it, or audible left all day and fake pitch it to ronnie brown….. TOUCHDOWN!!

    • thank you professor chea. you have always been a stern grader. but out of all my professors you are my favorite! you have always encouraged me to work hard. haha.. i particularly loved your thesis on Michael Vick and the impact on Madden culture. It was truly divine. Brilliant even.

      but all kidding aside, i am glad that you understand and agree that people treat animals better than they do other people.

      p.s. when you fake the pitch and run with Vick make sure you use the JUKE button!!

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