The Hangover

Coming To DVD Three And A Half Men

Coming To DVD Three And A Half Men

All my friends keep talking about this movie called The Hangover.  People were buzzing about it saying it was the funniest movie ever, you’ll laugh from start to finish, better than Old School, and more!  So I decided to check this movie out and see what the hype was about.  Now, I am going to say this from the start, I enjoyed the movie and it made me laugh quite a bit.  BUT….. I am going to have to say that the movie was indeed overhyped.  I may have enjoyed it more if everybody did not talk about it.  Hey call me crazy or whatever but it is how I feel.  I think that this movie will be a cult classic once it lands on DVD!

Now I know you are probably thinking that I am crazy and such.  But please hear me out on why I thought the movie was just ok rather than awesome.

  1. The actors in The Hangover did a great job but you can’t compete with the comedic genius of Vince Vaughn or Will Ferrell.
  2. The movie could’ve explained more.  I was expecting to see funny flashbacks as to how they took the cop car or why Stu was the craziest motha f’er the wedding chapel owner has ever met.
  3. As a fan of Mike Epps, I think they didn’t use him to his full advantage.  I almost feel that it was to satisfy black people by putting him in the movie.  I think the black female cop was funnier than he was.
  4. I think that being in a crowded theater made me miss more of the jokes.
  5. I also believe that you measure a movie’s comedic success with the amount of movie quotes you can remember.  When I saw Old School for the first time, I walked out with a ton of quotes.  With The Hangover, not so much.  I remember scenes but not legendary quotes.

I have a feeling that once this movie lands on DVD, I may be eating my words.  But my initial impression is that the movie was good but not the funniest movie ever.  I would like to hear my readers arguments for or against my position.

I give The Hangover


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