Blazer & Jeans Look

Look at this stud rocking the B&J look!

Look at this stud rocking the B&J look!

A few of my fans wanted to hear my thoughts on the blazer & jeans (b&j) look.  Well let me first say that it takes a certain kind of person to pull the look off.  Now I know there are going to be some ladies that disagree with what I am about to say.  But all I ask is that you hear me out.  But before I continue you must read my disclaimer.


The opinions and thoughts about to be shared do not make me gay in any way.  I am simply sharing my thoughts and opinions on a topic selected by my peers.

Now what kind of person does it take to pull off the blazer & jean look?  Well first of all it helps if you are at least 5′ 8″ or taller.  I have seen short guys try to pull of the look and it just looks weird to me.  If you happen to be like me and developing a little bit of a gut then the blazer & jean look will not work.  The b&j  look is common for those pretty boys that like to wear skinny leg jeans.  Yeah I am talking to you Jordan Holloway-Jonas!!  Now please keep in mind that there are always exceptions to these rules.

I am sure that the ladies disagree with the b&j look.  I will agree that the look does not work in the following scenarios…

  1. Dark blazer worn with light blue jeans
  2. Light blazer with dark jeans
  3. B&J with cowboy boots or hat
  4. If over 40 b&j with shirt untucked
  5. If under 40 b&j with shirt tucked
  6. B&J with sunglasses indoors
  7. Must have the right shoes.. dress shoes or all white shoes..
  8. Over 40 b&j with mock shirt or button down
  9. Under 40 b&j with button down or cool t-shirt

I think the b&j look is a step up from casual.  I think the look works for younger and more established gentlemen.  A colleague of mine from Dallas pulls the b&j look off like a pro.  On a good day, I can pull the look off as well.  I just think that for men, we really don’t have many options as women do with clothing and fashion.  I am very curious to hear why women don’t like the look?  If it is because of the b&j look no-no’s then that is why.  Talk to me people.  I want to hear your feedback…


7 thoughts on “Blazer & Jeans Look

  1. Your right, it does take a certain guy to pull off the b&j look and your colleague from Dallas is THAT guy :). I do not think anyone under the age of 30 should even try this look. Also, I think this look should be worn to appropriate venues…not on a casual work day. I give your blog a thumbs up!

  2. I must say since I voted for the B&J blog I’m excited. I participate on Fridays at work with the B&J and get many compliments. It’s also a great fashion when flying. It says, I’m proffesional but I’m here to drink some scotch!! Almost along the lines of the tuxedo t shirt!! Great blog and keep them coming.

  3. Ok, the pic you have is bad because the jeans are too light and baggy, a well fitted darker denim would be more appropriate. As far as your list I agree on that and all of your opinions. However a 5’6-5’7 gentleman would look right only if the jacket was cut right. My boyfriend wears this look with a Navy Sake 5th pin striped jaket and Gap dark wash bootcut jeans, and it looks really nice. Something for like a night out, going to a bar, foxwoods or somthing like that.

    • well the guy pictured is actually a friend of mine and he is a big guy. so i can certainly understand the need for some room in his jeans. i think they could be a shade darker too.. but i still think he looks sexy as hell!!

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