Magic Game 4

Wow.  I am just simply disgusted at the performance of the Magic in game 4.  I was a witness to another game that slipped through the fingers of the Magic.  As I sat in the sold out arena, I enjoyed what Orlando did in the first half.  But in the second half, the typical Magic came out to play.  You talk about a team that just can’t put the Lakers away.  I just don’t get it.  However Orlando gave its fans some hope towards the end of the 4th.  Only to let everybody’s hopes down.  I have a feeling that somewhere in the country, Shaq is smiling and saying, “See Dwight can’t hit free throws either!”  i cannot imagine how D-Howard feels right now. With his team up by 3 and him at the line to put them ahead by either 4 or 5, he misses not one but BOTH free throws.  All the Magic fans are convincing themselves that it is ok and that they still have this game.  Well guess who ruins the party?  Well if you guessed Kobe Bryant, you are dead wrong.  It was Derek friggin Fisher.  Hits a three to tie the game up and force OT.  Even OT was dreadful to watch.  The Magic showed glimpses of light and that they may tie the series up.  But here come the Lakers and just crushed any opportunity of that.  Between Derek Fisher hitting a big 3 and Cro-Magnon Man Gasol stealing the ball, just made it tough to watch in the overtime period.  Now I know that I said I wasn’t a huge Magic fan but c’mon don’t roll over and give it to the friggin Lakers.  Honestly it looks like friggin Kobe and the Lakers could close out the series on Orlando’s court.  As much as I hate to beat a dead horse but you look at game 2 and that if they won that and didn’t blow the game tonight, you are looking at a close out game for the Magic.  You just cannot give the Lakers any opportunities.  Because if you do it will turn around and f*ck you in the ass.  Kind of like Kobe and that chick in Colorado.  Now the Magic fans are becoming complacent with making it to the NBA Finals.  They are already singing the song that nobody expected us to make it there blah blah.  I am sorry but if I was a Magic fan, I would want more out of my team than just making the Finals.  But hey that is just me.  Well when it is all said and done, at least the new stadium will be cool.  I have to admit it was pretty cool seeing some celebrities at the game.  But anyways I am going to head to bed now.  I know Magic fans won’t be able to sleep the next couple of days.  I should have no problems sleeping knowing that I can say that I went to an NBA Finals game!


More Like The Orlando Tragic After Game 4

More Like The Orlando Tragic After Game 4

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