Who Burns Popcorn?

So I am sitting in my office on this fine Wednesday and was just going about my daily business.  Until suddenly out of nowhere this odor creeps up into my nostrils.  The smell was a recognizable one.  It was the ever so lovely smell of burnt popcorn.  So after identifying the smell, I attempted to just go back to work.  I figured that I was the only one to smell it.  Boy was I sadly mistaken.  The smell permeated throughout the whole office.  How do I know that the smell scattered?  Well everybody and their distant relative was asking what that smell was?  It was like somebody had farted and the smell had dissipated (not defecated).  So after the smell had been identified by the whole office, the next question on everybody’s mind was who did it?  Who would burn popcorn and cause so much grief for everybody?  Well I’ll tell you who did it. As a matter of fact, I will do one better.  I will show you who did.

Popcorn Anyone?

Popcorn Anyone?

So some of you may know who this girl is.  Some of my readers may have no clue who she is.  But the one thing that everybody will know is that she can’t make microwavable popcorn.  On a side note, I talked to Sara shortly after her popcorn fiasco and she dared me to blog about the incident.  How could I pass up the opportunity.  Plus, I figured that I would be able to get some comments out of people because Sara tells me that she has so many friends.  We will see how many friends you have left after they hear that you stunk up the office.  So if you are reading this Sara’s friends here is your chance to say what is on your mind!!


8 thoughts on “Who Burns Popcorn?

  1. I do have to say I was outraged by the smell of burnt popcorn, and appalled to realize it was MY good friend, Kingster. I do have to admit, I was relieved when I found out that there was no movie being showed (considering I didn’t get invited…)

    Oh, Kingster….you silly hoe….next time you want to make popcorn, ask for help and I’ll gladly show you how 🙂

  2. I am sadly not 1% shocked by this information! I also would be willing to work for free just to witness johnson teaching Sara how to microwave popcorn!!! Michael your fabulous!

  3. Who burns popcorn…? We all do at one time or another. So no one really likes the smell of scorched popcorn, but this is the downfall of working in an office with a microwave. It is bound to happen that someone will accidentally burn a bag or two. Just like when somebody brings in leftover fish dinner for lunch, and we all have to gag and suffer the smell. Give Sara a break. She made a mistake and trusted the popcorn button on the microwave. At least she admitted it and has learned her lesson. And in her defense…she has been diagnosed with ADD and she is a blonde. I rest my case.

  4. Geez…back off of Sara! I’ve “burnt” (that’s how you spell it when you’re referring to popcorn) popcorn before…plenty of times. I’ve even burnt it in the office on an occassion. But when people start complaining about the stinch, I just remind them that it smells a thousand times better than puke, poppy…or douche bages! Ha ha….Weathaaaaahhhs!

    • richy.. thanks for the compliment. i went ahead and blog rolled your site. you got some funny ass pictures up there!!!

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