Kobe Bryant: Respect & Despise

Alright it is that time again to strike someone down with lightning.  So was anybody else tired of hearing about this Kobe Bryant scowl?  If you do not know what I am talking about then bless your heart for being able to avoid this topic.  But for those that do know what I am talking about knows how friggin annoying it was to hear about it.  I guess there really isn’t much to talk about in the sports world.  So let me just tell you why I respect and despise Kobe Bryant.  I respect Kobe because he is a great player.  He has won 3 championships and has matured tremendously into one of the greats.  But at the same time, I despise Kobe because he has always been fortunate to be on a great team.  I just lost a ton of respect for Kobe when he demanded to be traded before the beginning of last season.  Since the Lakers organization are not a bunch of dummies, they went and got him some serious help.  I would have the utmost respect for Kobe if he just didn’t complain and whine.  I mean just think how many more championship rings he would have if him and Shaq were still playing together.   But nooooo!  Kobe wants it to be known that this is his team.  If it is truly your team Kobe… go out and let your performance on the court dictate that.  But anyways I am not going to beat a dead horse here.  I can write a dissertation on how much I respect/despise Kobe.  Anyways Kobe you are being struck down.

One more thing before I go, if you so happen to watch game 4 on Thursday you should play the Kobe Bryant drinking game.  The rules are simple.  Everytime the announcers suck Kobe’s umm I mean compliment Mr. Bryant you have to drink.  By the end of the game you should be feeling just fine.  Trust me when I say that playing this game will make the announcers an ounce more tolerable.


Hide all the white women Orlando... Kobe's coming to town!

Hide all the white women Orlando... Kobe's coming to town!

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