Game 3 Postgame Analysis

9434124_320X240I would like to tip my hat to the Orlando Magic for a job well done.  They played very well in game 3.  Anytime you get 5 players in double figures is a plus.  As I watch the game, I saw the same Orlando Magic team that played so well throughout the playoffs.  I don’t know what happened to that team in games 1 and 2.  But I guess a lil home cooking will always make you step up your game.  And the Magic did just that.  Now I hate to bring up what if’s but just imagine if Courtney Lee had made that alley-oop.  We would be talking about a 2-1 Magic lead.  I am just putting that out there to mess with you Magic fans out there.  As a man that has no real vested interest in either of these teams is mildly glad about tonight’s outcome.  The ultimate question is can the Magic keep up their level of play for 3 more games?  Or will the Lakers strike back with vengeance?  I know the suspense must be killing Magic fans.  But we shall see what the outcome will be on Thursday.  Game 4 now is just as critical as game 3.  I think if the Magic continue to play like they did tonight, they have a good shot at winning the series.  I hope that they manage to deny Kobe another ring!

On a side note, I would like to shout out to Wall Street Plaza!  I am sure the place is going bonkers right now with the Magic winning their first Finals game ever!  If you attended the viewing party at Wall Street, I would like to hear more about the craziness that happened downtown.  I am happy that Wall Street is getting the business it rightfully deserves.  So if you ever want a drink downtown head over to Wall St.

Congratluations again Magic!


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