Magic vs. Lakers Game 3

Well we have reached a pivotal game three.  The Magic most certainly need this game in order to keep their playoff hopes alive.  To be perfectly honest with you the series should be tied at 1 apiece.  But noooo… Courtney Lee missed his opportunity to win the game.  In all fairness, I can’t just simply blame Courtney.  The Magic missed a ton of free throws and missed out on a few key loose balls.  But the Magic must find a way to win tonight.  Here is my ten ways to victory.

  1. They must improve on their entry passing to Dwight in the post.
  2. Howard must learn and see where the double team is coming from
  3. Dwight also needs to keep the ball high so pesky players like D.Fisher and Ariza don’t slap it away
  4. Improve their free throw %
  5. Hustle for every loose ball
  6. Lock down on defense with everybody not named Kobe Bryant
  7. Pietrus needs to stay out of foul trouble
  8. Move without the basketball especially when it is in the post with Dwight
  9. Someone other than Howard must rebound on both ends of the court
  10. Play like this is an elimination game

I know this list is easier said than done but the Magic have dug themselves a hole.  They are way too good of a team to be down 2-0.  As much as I hate to say this to all you Magic fans out there but if Lakers win tonight, the series is over!  So c’mon Magic get your sh*t together and win the next three games!


One thought on “Magic vs. Lakers Game 3

  1. My comment for each of your points:

    1. They need to take care of that ball!
    2. They need to take care of that ball!
    3. They need to take care of that ball!
    4. Hopefully home court will help.
    5. Team needs to be hungrier than ever!
    6. Agree.
    7. He also needs to score like he did vs. Cavs.
    8. Execute Magic basketball. I always says, I will be less sad/mad if they execute and miss the basket, than NOT TAKING CARE OF THE BASKETBALL and turning the ball over.
    9. Team needs to be hungrier than ever.
    10. They need to take care of that ball, team needs to be hungrier than ever, and EXECUTE MAGIC BASKETBALL FOR 48 Minutes!

    Got Magic?

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