Drive Thru Windows

I must say that I have been in a positive mood lately until yesterday morning.  So lets start some venting shall we?  Ok so yesterday morning, I managed to get up early enough for McDonald’s breakfast.  Now those that know me will tell you that I am not a morning person by any means.  So if I get up early enough for McD’s breakfast its because I am on a mission.  So I roll myself out of bed and hop in the car.  I arrive at the McDonalds near my house and notice that the line at the drive thru is about 3 cars deep.  So I decide to hop in line because there was no way I was getting out of the car looking the way that I did.  So I sit in the drive thru window for a bout a minute or two before it is my turn to order.  I pull up and there is dead silence for about a second. Then I hear a voice asking me if I want to try the new McCafe.  I immediately recognize that it is one of those friggin prerecorded drive thru messages.  So let’s pause here for a second.  Is there anybody else out there that hates these prerecorded messages as much as I do?  I mean what purpose do they serve.  Anyways let me continue.  So after hearing the message, I give it a few moments and wait for the drive thru attendant to speak.  A minute passes and then this person with a stank attitude says, “go ahead with your order whenever you are ready”  with a little emphasis on ready at the end.  At this point my blood is boiling because I didn’t appreciate the attitude.  I think it is customary for drive thru patrons to give a grace period between that prerecorded message and the actual attendant.  So I order my food and pull up to the window.  At this point, I wanted to throw my money at her and at the same time pull her out of the window.  But I didn’t.  It just pissed me off that I try to follow some simple drive thru etiquette and end up getting attitude.  But in the end I was happy because I got my sausage and egg mcmuffin and hash browns.

So I must ask my fellow readers how do you react to those prerecorded messages?  Do you wait until you hear the attendant speak?  Or do you order immediately?  Please share your thoughts!

Either way I strike down with lightning those damn prerecorded messages at drive thrus.


Listen bitch you cop an attitude with me again and I'll drag your minimum wage making ass out that window!

Listen bitch you cop an attitude with me again and I'll drag your minimum wage making ass out that window!

7 thoughts on “Drive Thru Windows

  1. OMG I LOATH the pre-rcrded CHHEEEEESE!!! If I wanted it I would ask for it myself. I also LOATH those Nasty attitude at the drive through. If it’s so hard to fake the niceness then quit!!! There is a line FULL of people with allot more drive through etiquette waiting to take the position.

    • well it is nice to know that i am not the only one that despises those damn things… thanks for sharing Gloria. please stop by and visit more often.

  2. I just finished my analysis in marketing about McDonalds focusing on how HORRIBLE their customer service is including the stupid automated messages! Dont they get how much we already hate getting calls and hearing those meassages “please hold for the next representative.” You called me!! That’s frustrating. Anyhow, good thing I love their french fries.

    • That is crazy. Yeah unfortunately this plague exists at a ton of drive thru windows. I’d like to meet the genius behind these prerecorded messages and let them know how stupid their idea is.


  3. This drives me crazy. Sometimes I cant tell if it is a recording, so i politely say no thank you and go ahead with my order. I cant tell you how many times i have done this, and then the real person comes on and asks me again what i want. I dont like to repeat myself. Or yesterday, i was at Wendys and after the recording came on, i said no thanks, and just then a voice tells me to “hold on a minute” with attitude of course. If they are not ready to take the order, why start the stupid recording? But I guess I, and countless others, will continue to put up with these annoying drive thru tactics and bad service, because we are too lazy to get out of the car!

    • oh i am sure you have Rob. it is that message that you hear sometimes when you pull up. they usually ask you if you want to try something. if you haven’t heard it then you are a lucky person!


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