No Doubt

nodoubtA good friend of mine had asked me if I was interested in seeing No Doubt.  At first, I thought to myself was he seriously asking me to go?  Then after a few awkward moments of silence, I realized that he was serious.  So I said to myself what the hell it might be fun.  Plus how could I pass up the opportunity to see  Gwen Stefani?  So a few friends and I hit the road to Tampa (after a Five Guys burger and a community bag o’ fries).  Excitement grew as we approached the exit to the Ford Amphitheater.  However traffic was a bigger buzz kill than Buzz Killington.  We were literally like 100 yards away from the exit and managed to move a yard a minute.  People were so restless that they were trying to bypass traffic in the breakdown lane.  However justice was served as cops were pulling over people.  Anyways, we managed to miss The Sounds and Parramore.  Not only because of the traffic but the huge cluster f*ck in the parking lot.  Who schedules a graduation the same night as a concert.  But anyways after speed walking in the muddy parking lot, we managed to catch the beginning of No Doubt’s set!  They immediately came out of the gates with a burst of energy.  Might I also add that Gwen looked great for her age and for someone popping out a couple of kids.  This band looks like they might have discovered the fountain of youth.  They did not look that much different than when they first hit the music scene.  However you can hear traces of age in Gwen’s voice.  However, the band made up for it with their energy and crowd interaction.  Gwen was taking pictures with the fans and calling them up on stage.  One girl that got called up look like she was about ready to ball her eyes out and faint in that order.  Some dude was called up on stage just for having a No Doubt tattoo on his back.  I appreciated the way the band engaged with the fans.  Combine that with playing songs that were very recognizable.  I managed to enjoy myself thoroughly.  I don’t think I sat down once during the show just because I couldn’t stop jumping around.  Now I know that some dudes out there are like you went to a No Doubt show?  My answer would be hell the f*ck yeah I did.  Believe me, I know people that have seen worse concerts (George Michael).

I give the No Doubt concert



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