Put Me On Your iPhone!


First of all, I want to thank Bree and Jeff for putting me on their iphone.  Not only am I an icon on their phone but they managed to show me how it is done!  So all of my readers out there with iphones that may not know how to do it, here is a quick tutorial for you.

  • First you must access Safari
  • In the web address field please type https://manbehindtheclouds.wordpress.com
  • Once my blog appears then you click the + sign at the bottom of the control panel
  • Then 3 options should appear: Add bookmark, add to home screen, and mail link
  • Touch add to home screen
  • Enter whatever title you like
  • Voila now I will be on your home screen as a link to my blog

Now if you do not have an iPhone then you better go get one!  Ha!  

Thanks again Bree and Jeff for showing me this and your continued support.  I hope that you share it with all your friends!


Oh Yeah I'm On The iPhone

Oh Yeah I'm On The iPhone

2 thoughts on “Put Me On Your iPhone!

  1. The back of your head will be famous!! People who see you in public will approach you, and be like “Hey you look familiar. Do I know you? Wait, turn around. Oh yeah, I’ve got your ikon on my iPhone!”

    • oh i can only dream to be that famous. i want to say thank you by the way for posting a comment on my blog.


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