NBA Finals

Amazing happened in game 1.. An amazing butt whooping!

Amazing happened in game 1.. An amazing butt whooping!

So did anybody catch the game last night?  Better yet did anybody witness the massacre that was Game 1 of the NBA Finals?  Now please allow me to throw out this disclaimer now.  I am a Celtics fan that happens to live here in Orlando.  I was devastated when the C’s were eliminated from the playoffs.  I want to make it clear that I am not a huge fan of the Magic.  I like Dwight Howard a.k.a. SuperMan.  If you asked me who I am cheering for in the finals?  I would say Orlando.  So with that being said, I think the Magic have been playing phenomenal basketball.  I mean they eliminated the current champs and the team with the best record during the regular season.  But the team that played in game 1 was not the same team by anymeans.  As much sh*t that I am going to get for saying this, I thought the Magic looked like they were just happy to be in the NBA Finals.  I will also say that prior to game one all the Magic fans were screaming out that their team isn’t getting any respect.  And that the media is all about the Lakers and Kobe Bryant.  Well it is hard to argue this when your team played like the dump I took this morning!  I am going to conclude with this thought… If the Magic lose again like they did in game 1, this series will be a clean sweep for the Lakers.    If a sweep does happen, I cannot wait to hear what excuses Magic fans make up.

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