Nawlins (New Orleans)


Any street with "Bourbon" in it's name can't be good!

Any street with "Bourbon" in it's name can't be good!

Man oh man, I can’t believe that it is Friday already!  It also blows my mind that one week ago, I was drinking on the infamous Bourbon Street.  The last time I was in New Orleans was for Super Bowl XX (Roman numerals for 20).  Which would have made me 4 years old approximately.  Just a year or two shy of the drinking age.  However last week made me realize what the hell New Orleans is all about.  A few friends and I went to check out the scene commonly known for its debauchery.  Let me tell you that we attempted to drink that city dry.  If you have never been then I would highly recommend that you do not attempt to outdrink the city.  If you have been then  you know what the hell I am talking about.  New Orleans is a drinker’s dream and an alcoholics anonymous member’s worst nightmare.  New Orleans is a place where it is customary to see people passed out by 10 o’clock in the morning.   I am not talking about homeless people either.  It is a place that isn’t exactly the cleanest place to visit.  The streets have seen its fair share of piss, urine, and any other bodily fluids.  New Orleans is not the vacation destination to go get some fresh air.  Now don’t get me wrong New Orleans (NO) has its positives as well.  Probably one of the biggest for me was the food.  Oh me! Oh my!  You talk about some good eating down there.  As a fan of food (you may have noticed), I indulged in some phenomenal crag legs, gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, and hell even homemade bread pudding.  After the food, I would say that it is a close tie between walking with beverages and all the music.  I have been to a few places where it is ok to walk around with an open container.  I must say that it takes some getting use to.  For example, we were hanging out in one bar and was about to head to the next.  So I did what anybody from Orlando would do!  I proceeded to pound the drink.  Thinking that I would be flagged for alcohol abuse by leaving my drink at the bar.  Well me being the dumbass that I am didn’t remember that I could’ve have brought the drink with me.  So after the first night of puking (which I still am feeling), I became a fast learner.  Now I have to caution you about NO.  It is definitely a place where you cannot stray off the beaten path.  In addition to that, you definitely don’t want to pop off to the wrong person either. And always always keep your wallet in your front pocket.  Oh the other thing that I just remembered is that it is ok to check for an adams apple on women.  If “she” is several inches taller and caked out with makeup then umm… You might want to leave “her” alone.


Well it is time for me to go!  My liver was starting to have flashbacks while I was writing this.  

I give the Big Easy



One more warning about New Orleans… If you drink to the point where you might pass out, please make sure that you are sitting down.  It isn’t pretty when you hear about someone passing out standing up and collapsing on the hard concrete of Bourbon St.

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