What Does A Douche Bag Look Like?

Every year my friends and I gather in Centerville, MA (near Hyannis) for a Memorial Day weekend party!  Every year, we manage to have a few cocktails/beers and gather around and talk about today’s hot subjects.  Topics such as Obama’s Supreme Court pick, the current economic climate, and foreign policy.  However, this year we managed to discuss a very key and critical topic.  My intelligent friend Manny decides to ask the burning question… “What does a douche bag look like?” Manny’s deep question spurned on a debate for the ages.  I thought it was very poetic hearing young Manny deliver a speech like he was Socrates or Plato.  “Is it like a bag that powder comes out of!”  Sir Manny your words were so eloquently chosen.  I even heard someone chime in with “like a rosin bag that pitchers use!”  At this point everybody was speechless as they were yearning for more.  Hanging on to Manny’s every word.  Since I have been back home, I have been spending many countless hours researching and trying to find an answer to Manny’s burning question.  Until today when I made the most prolific discovery mankind truly has ever known.  I found what a douche bag looks like.  So without further delay, I present to you a picture of a douche bag!


Available at Amazon.Com (No Joke)

Available at Amazon.Com (No Joke)

7 thoughts on “What Does A Douche Bag Look Like?

  1. But how does it tuck it’s shirt in and wear white athletic socks with dress shoes? Oh wait…..I should ask Dan, he would know!!

  2. How is Jeter a douchebag? He’s a classy guy and a great player.
    Why just because he’s not on your team he’s automatically a douche? You’re a dumb ass.

    • hmm i take it you are a yankees fan. i am sure off the field the guy is a class act… but as a red sox fan, i don’t care about him off the field. when he is on the field he is a douche.. sorry just staying true to my sox!!

  3. I totally thought it would be the Lakers’ team photo. I guess that’s what a case of Today Sponges looks like. As far as Jeter is concerned I he’s not a douche, but his boyfriend Alexandra GAyROiD is definitely a Douche Nozel.

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