NBA Conspiracy

254px-NBA_Logo.svgI have to talk about this subject because I am tired of hearing about it!  All that people can talk about here in Orlando is how the NBA officials are trying to cheat Orlando out of the finals.  The buzz here is that it is so blatantly obvious this.. and conspiracy that..  Believe me,  I am a “Witness” to Lebron James getting all the calls.  But if I recall correctly that Orlando is ahead 3-1 in the series.  So what is the big deal?  No matter how many calls Lebron gets doesn’t mean the Cavs will walk away with a W!  If you really have watched the entire playoffs you would notice that the refs are guilty of calling it close to make the playoffs interesting. Plus it is very tough on the refs not to call fouls for Lebron when he touches the ball probably 80-90% of the time.  Does that mean he deserves the call each time?  No.  But he pushes the envelope by taking the ball to the basket.  I am not defending the refs by any means but the Magic make it very difficult for the refs to call fouls for them when they shoot 38 three pointers.  As a Celtics fan living in Orlando, I grow tired of hearing excuses.  I watched the series between Boston and Orlando and was disgusted with the officiating.  But not once did I complain.  Especially when Dwight Howard was lowering his shoulder every time leading to the C’s big men getting in foul trouble.  The Magic beat the Celtics and that is that.  As a person secretly cheering for Orlando, I grow tired of all the complaining.  It isn’t necessary because your team is one win away from the NBA finals.  The officiating is always going to be inconsistent.  The stars will always get the calls.  It is what it is!  I wonder if Denver fans are whining about Kobe getting all the calls??  Oh by the way… Nobody seemed to care when another player who wore #23 got all the calls!!  I wonder why that is??



2 thoughts on “NBA Conspiracy

  1. not to complain too much about the officials, cause i think they have a hard enough job as it is, but, i think the refs are a little out of control in the playoffs this year…. the call rate is a lot higher than any other playoff series played before… its getting to the point where the refs are almost determining the outcome of the games… and i do know that calls are going to be inconsistant cause they are just like everyone else…. human.. no one can see everything in every play all of the time.. but, i still think they should let them play a little more. thats what the playoffs are all about. and they also need to really redefine their flagrant foul calls…cause i am still really confused about some of the calls they make and DONT MAKE.. and i dont think that more calls makes for a more interesting game. i think letting them play and fight for the the ball more interestig.. more calls lead to a stopped clock and slows the game down to make it boring. i dont want to watch a bunch of free throws i want to watch bunch of elbows… so to speak…My point is i just want to see a little bit more playing time and more aggressiveness in the game without a whistle… LET THEM PLAY

  2. well put there mr. nahaku. i agree that the refs need to let them play more. but they cannot let the game get completely out of hand either. i think that the calls have kept things interesting because it causes drama with foul trouble and it demonstrates a team’s depth or lack thereof. also causes the games to be closer than usual. i appreciate your sentiments my friend. they are valid points. but i have to say that the nba playoffs leading to the nba finals have been more interesting this year than in years prior. that nobody can disagree with. you can’t blame the NBA for secretly wanting a storybook finals. But either way amazing will happen and it would be great for Orlando to get a championship ring! or to see Denver make it to the finals for the first team in their franchise history!


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