Reader's Choice Topic 1: Heroes


Before I begin this post, I would like thank Robert V. for his topic suggestion.  Please also keep in mind that I am still accepting submissions for topics.

I must say that this topic is a very hard one.  To be completely honest, I started to respond and then decided to start over.  To quote Cleveland Brown (Family Guy), “I passed a lake, skipped a few rocks, and had some black guy thinking time.”  During this black guy thinking time, I have changed my definition or perspective of what a hero is.  I use to think that actors/actresses, musicians, and athletes couldn’t be considered heroes.  Well I believe this to be partially true.  The only exception would be people that were considered to be “pioneers” of their occupation.  I don’t think it is fair to exclude such figures as Jackie Robinson, Muhammed Ali, The Beatles, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, etc. etc. I think if a person faces adversity for being different, sounding different, or acting different then they can be labeled as heroes.  A perfect example is Jackie Robinson.  You want to talk about a man that has overcome so much adversity so that he can play a game that he loved so much.  As one of my heroes, I admire Jackie Robinson for his courage to take on all the people that were trying to prevent him from playing baseball.

A common pitfall of choosing heroes is that we often neglect candidates of different races.  America has always been a big melting pot for various cultures and races.  From this melting pot you get phenomenal people like Martin Luther King Jr., Susan B. Anthony, John D. Rockerfeller, Thomas Edison, Booker T. Washington, Sacajawea, and more.  Heroes aren’t all found in your History books either. Even in the 21st century you will find modern heroes like Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Steve Jobs or Barack Obama.

Heroes are not only limited to key figures.  Everyday people have more potential of impacting lives than anybody else.  As a matter of fact two of my biggest heroes may not be known across the country.  Robert & Denise are two people that I respect, admire, and appreciate the most.  For those that may not know the man behind the clouds, Robert & Denise are the parents behind the man behind the clouds.  My dad and mom are the two most influential people in my lifetime.  They took this boy and provided him with food, clothes, shelter, and most importantly love!  I know raising me was not an easy task.  So I can only imagine the amount of adversity that they were faced with.  My parents have experienced financial hardships, marital issues, and so much more.  I know it is very cliche to say that your parents are your heroes.  But you know what?  You can shove that cliche up your ass because my parents are my heroes!

So I have managed to harp on a topic that was a challenge for me.  Once again kudos to Robby V. for a tough topic.  I am curious to hear who are your heroes and why?  I have put together a growing list of people that I would call my heroes..

  1. Jackie Robinson
  2. John F. Kennedy
  3. Martin Luther King Jr.
  4. Muhammed Ali
  5. Abraham Lincoln
  6. Michael Jordan




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