Reader's Choice

As a way to thank those that support my blog, I want to open up the floor and hear what you would like me to write about.  That is right!  You throw out a topic and I will choose the top five and provide my opinion.  It can be about anything!  So please stop by and share your topics with me.  If you do not have a topic then ask your friend.  If you have no friends then ask a relative.  If you have no relatives then just ask a random person for a topic!  I look forward to hearing your ideas!!


2 thoughts on “Reader's Choice

  1. I always like to hear about the heroes people look up to. I’m working on a post about that one myself.

  2. you know those cologne ads in magazines? the kind where you can unfold and sniff it? usually it pictures some guy on a beach, well if you go to sniff it to see if you like the scent, and you linger a bit too long… does that make you gay? discuss.

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