As a fan of all things sports, I have been enjoying the NBA playoffs more this year than last.  Even though the NBA finals were kick ass because Boston beat LA.  But that is neither here or there.  The drama associated with this year’s playoffs are enough to make your heart beat right out of your chest.  Thanks to the folks at Nike, they have managed to add a ton of comic relief.  I have been laughing hysterically with the new Kobe and Lebron puppet commercials.  These commercials bring me back to the genius Lil Penny advertisements.  Nike has brought their A+ game with combining these two superstars.  I mean this commercial is Super Bowl worthy and funny.  The first commercial pokes fun at Lebron’s patented pre-game ritual.  There are some other underlying comical jabs that are thrown at the viewer.  Such as Lebron’s high level of excitement to win his first championship, winning his first MVP trophy, and that he is playing near Akron (where he grew up).  In the second commercial, Kobe gets back at Lebron.  Kobe is looking for his 3 championship rings (which by the way he won with the most dominating center in Shaquille O’neal).  Lebron is just trying to mind his own business and play some video games, but Kobe keeps bragging in his ear about having 3 more rings than Lebron.  “I’m talking about stomach growling!!”  Well for your viewing pleasure, I have included the two MVPuppet’s commercials.  Enjoy!!


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