Weeds and Dexter

poster_weeds-poster_ny6tDexterFor all those fans of Weeds & Dexter it is almost time for new episodes.  Now if you have not seen an episode of either of these two great shows, I highly encourage you to check them out.  I don’t care if you have to rent older seasons or get it from Netflix. Weeds is about a mother who is down on her luck and must resort to selling marijuana to make ends meet.  However, she develops a knack for the drug industry.  Follow her and her family’s antics through the good, the bad, and the high times!  I might also add that Mary Louise Parker is one fine piece of ass!  Also you can’t beat Kevin Nealon playing his dream role of a pothead.  Check it out.  Dexter is the other must see show.  The premise of the show is about a Miami police officer that is a blood specialist by day.  By night he is a serial killer that brings justice to those that commit crimes and manipulate the legal system to walk free.  Not only is Dexter trying to juggle his work schedule and extra curricular activities, he is also trying to maintain a relationship.  Throughout the season you keep wondering how much longer can he keep his dark secret. This show is filled with suspense.

Check out both of these quality tv shows.


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