X-men Origins: Wolverine


I've been itching for my own movie!

I've been itching for my own movie!

So I went ahead and saw X-men Origins: Wolverine.  Let me tell you that this movie rocked!  The blockbuster Summer is off to a great start!  I must say that this put all the other X-men movies to shame.  The movie itself was about 1 hour and 45 minutes long.  Throughout the flick, I didn’t lose interest.  You know sometimes you start to fade when they are building to a huge climax with either the love story or backstory.  Well Wolverine was not like that at all.  The action sequences to this film were phenomenal.  Now I must say that I was very skeptical after hearing that this movie was going to be made.  But I was immediately won over when I discovered that Gambit (the best X-men character) was finally making an appearance in this movie.  Why he did not appear in any of the X-men movies is one of the many reasons I thought that series of films was just ok.  But I am not going to dwell on the past.  I hope that they continue to create more Origins films.  From what I have heard is that they are scheduled to release a X-men Origins: Magneto film.  Should be very interesting.  Well I hope you find this post informative.  Now stop reading (after you leave a comment) and go see this movie!

On my cloud scale (1 cloud being terrible and 5 clouds being legendary), I give X-men Origins:Wolverine



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