Joakim Noah


I went poopy in my shorts!

I went poopy in my shorts!


You know Joakim… I use to like you when you were at Florida and winning back to back national championships.  I use to respect that you were an energetic and passionate player.  Well now I just think that you are a big bag of douche.  As I sit and watch the epic.. No legendary series between Chicago and Boston, I can’t help but notice you screaming and pumping your chest like you are the best player in the league.  It is one thing for Kevin Garnett or Lebron James to yell and pump their chests.  But I hate to inform you Joakim you are not KG or King James.  You are Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons.  Please do the league a favor and cut your nappy hair.  At least Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony made it cool to have your hair out like that.  But you are the furthest thing from Bizzy Bone.  Now I cannot completely rag on Joakim.  He does have something going for him that most people may not know about.  Well what is it you ask?  Well it is milf of a mom of course.  Mrs. Noah is quite the Cougar.  Check her out!!  Before I leave Joakim, I will advise that you stay out of the paint.  We don’t want Rondo to have to smack a bitch.  If you don’t know what I am talking about just ask your boy Brad Miller.



Meet Joakim's Hot Ass Mom!

Meet Joakim's Hot Ass Mom!

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