Ember Is A Ripoff

Lightning Strikes

My first bolt of lightning must be struck down on a bar here in Orlando called Ember.  Now I must say that I liked Ember the first couple of times I have gone.  Until just a few weeks ago, I have decided to never go back there again.  So the story starts off with my friends deciding that they want to head to Ember.  So we get there and order some drinks and the alcoholic in me emerged and I finished my drink rather quickly.  So instead of just drinking a single shot in a short glass, I decided to upgrade to a double shot in a tall glass.  I catch the attention of our cocktail waitress and order another drink.  She disappears with her drink tray and magically reappears a few minutes later.  When the waitress does return she hands me a glass that is the same exact size as my previous drink.  So I am thinking to myself that maybe she forgot that I ordered a double tall.  So I asked her how much and she said 6 dollars.  Please keep in mind that was the price of the first drink that I demolished.  So I pay for my drink with cash (those that know me will tell you that it is a rarity for me to carry cash).  At this point I am trying not to destroy this drink like the one before.  But as soon as I go to take my first sip, I get tapped on the shoulder and sure enough it is the waitress.  With the music blaring in the background I lean over to see what she wants.  She leans over and tells me that she made a mistake and that I owe her six bucks!  I am completely confused at this point and I’m sure it was written all over my face.  I said to her that there must be some sort of mistake.  The waitress with an attitude says that the drink I ordered is a double tall.  My face went from having a confused look to a are you fucking kidding me face.  I ask her how she figured that the drink I ordered is a double tall.  Also keep in mind that it tasted like it still had one shot in it.  Her explanation just took me from zero to pissed off in about .6 seconds.  So long story short, I spent several minutes arguing how I owed six bucks more.  The rage in me was growing.  But I calmed down and said in a stern tone that I will pay the money but that I refuse to set foot in this place again.

So that is what I plan to do!

So Ember consider yourself struck down!

“Weather forecast for tonight:  dark.”  ~George Carlin

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