Celtics Might Give Me Heart Problems

Celtics Move over Danny Ainge because you might have some company.  Please do not get me wrong, I enjoy exciting playoff series but geesh this Boston & Chicago series is suspenseful.  If you haven’t been watching this playoff series, I think my first question to you would be  WHY THE HELL NOT??  I do not mean to yell but seriously this is NBA Playoffs in its purest form.  Please name me one other series that has left you on the edge of your seat?  Don’t worry I’ll wait…. C’mon you cannot expect me to wait forever.  I will give you the answer.  There isn’t another series that is intense as this one.  Let me just say that those pesky Chicago Bulls are pushing my team to the limit.  I think I may have had a nightmare about Ben Gordon draining big shots.  The only problem is that I wasn’t sleeping when this happened.  Like the rest of the Celtics fans out there, I was witnessing this happen first hand.  I must say that the fans are certainly getting their money’s worth!!!  Thanks to the shooting touch of Paul Pierce, the Celtics look to close the series out in Chi-town.  All I ask of you my beloved Celtics is that you do not make it so freaking dramatic.  My weak heart cannot take much more.  Stay tuned for my thoughts on Joakim Noah.  If you do not know who he is then that is just perfect.


“If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.”-Mark Twain

2 thoughts on “Celtics Might Give Me Heart Problems

  1. while i always like to give the fans what they want.. unfortunately batgeek, i cannot nor will not do such a thing.

    Joakim Noah is a douchebag!


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