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My Thoughts – Donald Sterling

Everyone seems to be buzzing about the leaked audio of a discussion between Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and his girlfriend V. Stiviano.  The audio captures his frustration with his girlfriend “broadcasting” and associating with black people.  This heated argument all started when V. Stiviano took a picture of her with…


Wayback Wednesday: Shawn Kemp

Most of you young whipper snappers were not around when this living legend of dunk known as Shawn Kemp was playing. However this ol’ man loved him some Reign Man back in the day. Welcome Shawn Kemp to today’s edition of Wayback Wednesday!

white duck_angry

Are Ducks Racist?

Just the other day, I was out and about walking trying to get some exercise and as Cleveland  (from Family Guy) said, “Doing some black guy thinking time”! After walking for a few minutes, I reached a pond with some white ducks swimming around. These ducks seemed to be enjoying themselves, there was some splashing…